Sunflower DIY (Free Template and SVG)

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This Sunflower DIY is the perfect fall touch. Add these flowers to a centerpiece or use them as a place card holder.  They also make a wonderful addition to garland!  

For this project you will need:

Fleece Fun’s Free PDF template or SVG files (available at the end of the post)

4 yellow 12″ by 17″ felt or fleece sheets

1 brown 12″ by 17 inch felt or fleece sheet

Glue gun and glue sticks

Cricut Maker (optional)

Fabric grip mat

Rotary blade



pins or a a pen to trace the pattern

Get the pattern and SVG files here.

Sunflower DIY (Free Template and SVG) Instructions

Step 1 – Cut out the flowers

Print up the pdf pattern or load the SVG files into design space. The SVG files are designed to cut out 4 flowers total.  If using the PDF you can modify to allow for what you want to make. 

Using the rotary blade on the Cricut Maker cut out the following:

Cut 4 of the yellow sheets.

Remove the excess fabric.

Delicately pull each petal inward to the center of the circle.

Then lift the flower layer off the mat.  This will prevent any petals from tearing off onto the mat.

Continue until all of the elements are removed.

Cut out the seed strips and the centers.

Gently remove from the mat.

To make one flower you will need one of each yellow flower petal center (totaling 4), 1yellow circle backing, 1 brown circle of the seed center, and 3 – 4 brown seed strips.

Step 2 – Begin to Make the Sunflower

We need to give the sunflower some shape.  to do this we’re going to help the petals look ore three dimensional.

Take the side of the petal that is not attached to the  center and fold it over so it is on top of where the petal is attached. Glue it into place.

Continue to do this all the way around the flower.

Repeat with all the layers of the flower.

Step 3- Build the layers of the Felt Sunflower

Starting with the bottom layer ( the one with the largest center circle) Place each layer on top of each other ending with the smallest center circle.

Twist the layers until the flower has the desired look.

Glue each layer into place.

On the back of the flower ( the bottom has the largest cirlce) glue the large yellow circle to finish the back of the fabric flower.

Set the flower aside.

Step 4 – Make the Sunflower Seed Center

Take one of the seed strips.

Fold it in half and glue  along the solid edge to hold into place.

Take the brown center.

Starting at the outer edge glue the non separated side of the seed strip down.

Continue to glue down the strips spiraling in to the center.

Depending on the tightness of your spiraling you might need to trim a strip to make it fit.

Finally glue the center into the center of the flower.

You just completed the Sunflower DIY!  There are so many things you can do with them.

Insert a little paper tag in them to make them a cute place card holder.

Use them are a nice addition to some garland

They work as a nice addition to a table.

Or toss them into a wood tray for an easy centerpiece.

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a bouquet of mini felt sunflowers made using's free pattern. Text at the bottom reads "CLICK TO GO TO DOWNLOAD."

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