Doll and Toy Patterns

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Index of free doll and toy patterns on fleecefun.comDoll clothing Patterns:

Doll Robe Pattern

Free Patterns on This adorable robe is perfect for you your 18 inch doll.  Bath time or bedtime dolly is ready.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Basic Doll Pant (With Video)

This simple pant is fast to make and can be made in a larger size for your little girl!  Fits an 18 inch or American Girl Doll.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Boutique Style Doll Pant

This fun and frilly pant can be made in a girl size too!  Fits an 18 inch or American Girl Doll.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Doll Sleeping Bag Pack

Now Dolly can get some rest with a back pack that turns into a sleeping bag.  The best part?  It also comes in kid size!  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

18″ Doll Skirt 

Doll skirt tutorialMake a cute skirt for your little one’s dolly.  Get the tutorial here.

Sunshine Softie

feauture horizontalThis will brighten your little one’s day!  This sofite has rays that crinkle and a bell that dings to amuse your little one.  Get the free pattern here.

Toddler Bean Bags

beanbagsglam1Fun and vibrant bean bags that kids can play with.  Ribbon on it makes it easy to grab.  Get the tutorial here.

Matching Game durable game made from cloth that your little one will love to play over and over again.  Get the tutorial here.

Sloth Buddy

FeaturedThis slow and sleepy guy is perfect to cuddle with for nap time.  Get the tutorial here.

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  1. 1

    Linda says

    I lov e the fleece doll pattern have made several pair very quick & easy.

    I wanna make some from regular fabric, how would I narrow bottom of legs to mak e regular pants?


  2. 3

    mary rose says

    made the basic doll pants and they turned put really well! thank you so much. would love if you did a sweater or t- shirt tutorial out of fleece!

  3. 4

    samantha says

    Hi, love your site! It has been so helpful because i am a beginner in sewing…. so I watched your video on the American 18 inch pants. My question is how do I cut the pattern down to fit a 14 inch doll?? Its a Cabbage Patch doll.

    • 5


      Hi Samantha,
      I don’t think it’s as simple as cutting it down as the two dolls are very different shapes. While a cabbage patch doll is shorter I believe ( and this is me trying to remember my cabbage patch doll as a kid ) that they are wider than most 18 inch dolls. You would have to make the leg shorter and then wider for it to work. I’m sorry I don’t have a doll readily available for reference to give you more specifics than that.
      – Angel

  4. 8

    George ulrick says

    My wife had a book of patterns to make doll blankets from fleece with a Disney theme. The book was lost years ago and is it possible that you might know of such a book and where I can get another one?

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