Doll and Toy Patterns

Some of the best toys are handmade.  Here you’ll find all the free handmade toys and 18 inch doll patterns available on Fleece Fun!


Play Castle

Wow I love this play castle tutorial. Such a great DIY idea for play for kids. Love how it fits onto a card table and folds into a bag when play is done!This play castle fits on a card table and folds up into a little bag.  Get the free tutorial here.


Tee Pee

teepeeThis wonderful Tee Pee is inexpensive to make and will fit several kids!  Get the Free Pattern and tutorial here.

Puppet/ Kid Theater

I love this cute little puppet theater! So cute and it can be a kid theater too! Such a great DIY idea for play at grandma's house. I know several kids who love to put on plays and this is perfect for them. I also love how she has a way to store it too!This fun theater works for puppets and can also serve as a stage for your little star!  Get the step by step instructions here.

Doll clothing Patterns:

Doll Pocket Tee Shirt

This  cute tee is perfect for dolly, and is a perfect staple for her wardrobe. Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Chambray Party Dress Tutorial

This cute dress is perfect for dress up.  Get the free pattern here.

Fleece Ribbon Hat

I love this 18 inch doll fleece hat free pattern and tutoiral. I love this sewign tutoiral and it's perfect for my little ones American Girl doll.This cute comes in sizes for dolly and little girl.  Get the free pattern here.

Fringe Purse

This purse come sin sizes for dolly and little girl, perfect for the two. Get the free pattern here.

Button Front Skirt Pattern

This cute button skirt is cute on it’s own or layered with leggings.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Knit Joggers Free Pattern and Tutorial

These Joggers are the perfect casual staple for dolly.  Get the pattern and tutorial here.

Doll Soft Shell Coat Pattern

59doll coat_-4_editThis is perfect for dolly in winter.  Plus the simple instructions and free pattern will help you make this adorable coat.  Get them here.

Cuffed Leggings for Doll

free leggings featureThese cute leggings are great under tops and skirts.  Get the free pattern here.

Doll Cardigan

56doll cardi-14_edit_editThis cardigan is fashionable and easy to make with this free pattern and tutorial.

Doll Tunic

button tunic featurePerfect for layering outfits on your 18″ doll.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Doll Robe Pattern

Free Patterns on This adorable robe is perfect for you your 18 inch doll.  Bath time or bedtime dolly is ready.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Basic Doll Pant (With Video)

This simple pant is fast to make and can be made in a larger size for your little girl!  Fits an 18 inch or American Girl Doll.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Boutique Style Doll Pant

This fun and frilly pant can be made in a girl size too!  Fits an 18 inch or American Girl Doll.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Doll Sleeping Bag Pack

Now Dolly can get some rest with a back pack that turns into a sleeping bag.  The best part?  It also comes in kid size!  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

18″ Doll Skirt 

Doll skirt tutorialMake a cute skirt for your little one’s dolly.  Get the tutorial here.

Soft Toys:

Monster Mash Up

monsterDesign your own monster softie with these mix and match elements to make this creature your own. Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

My Little Stick Pony

PhatQuartersStickPonies1LThese little stick ponies are so cute and are a timeless handmade gift! Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Monster Finger Puppets

feature imageLittle Monster finger puppets are a small and great for travel! Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Sunshine Softie

feauture horizontalThis will brighten your little one’s day!  This sofite has rays that crinkle and a bell that dings to amuse your little one.  Get the free pattern here.

Toddler Bean Bags

beanbagsglam1Fun and vibrant bean bags that kids can play with.  Ribbon on it makes it easy to grab.  Get the tutorial here.

Matching Game durable game made from cloth that your little one will love to play over and over again.  Get the tutorial here.

Sloth Buddy

FeaturedThis slow and sleepy guy is perfect to cuddle with for nap time.  Get the tutorial here.


  1. I lov e the fleece doll pattern have made several pair very quick & easy.

    I wanna make some from regular fabric, how would I narrow bottom of legs to mak e regular pants?


  2. made the basic doll pants and they turned put really well! thank you so much. would love if you did a sweater or t- shirt tutorial out of fleece!

  3. Hi, love your site! It has been so helpful because i am a beginner in sewing…. so I watched your video on the American 18 inch pants. My question is how do I cut the pattern down to fit a 14 inch doll?? Its a Cabbage Patch doll.

    1. Hi Samantha,
      I don’t think it’s as simple as cutting it down as the two dolls are very different shapes. While a cabbage patch doll is shorter I believe ( and this is me trying to remember my cabbage patch doll as a kid ) that they are wider than most 18 inch dolls. You would have to make the leg shorter and then wider for it to work. I’m sorry I don’t have a doll readily available for reference to give you more specifics than that.
      – Angel

  4. My wife had a book of patterns to make doll blankets from fleece with a Disney theme. The book was lost years ago and is it possible that you might know of such a book and where I can get another one?

    1. Thank you Angel, I looked on E-bay and found one copy. It has been ordered and was shipped the same day. Thanks again for the comment with the information.

  5. hi there

    I am from South Africa and would like to know how do I go about it or where to look for the doll that is featured in ” Doll Softshell coat pattern” is there any particular websites I can find them on and what is the doll called.

  6. I am looking for the pattern for the peplum coat and hat. I also went to Tie Dye Diva. I have made a coat like this for my granddaughter and want to make American doll one too. How do I get the free pattern please.

  7. I got the free pattern for the peplum coat and hat in my email but can’t find it again at your site to get the instructions.

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