Scarves and Capes

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Cape Patterns:

Snow Queen Jacket and Cape

Costume Patterns by Inspired by Disney’s Frozen this little jacket will help keep your little one warm ( the cold might not bother Elsa – but it might your kiddo!)  Get the free pdf pattern and tutorial here.

 Snow Princess Cape

You can make a cape that is inspired by Princess Anna's cape from Disney's FrozenInspired by Princess Anna’s Cape from Disney’s Frozen.   This adorable cape will make your little girl feel like the princess that she is.  Plus it will keep her warm while trick or treating!  Get the free pdf pattern and tutorial here.

Cowl Capelet (with video)

This fun capelet is fast to make.  The cowl collar can be doubled for extra warmth.  Adult sizes small medium and large.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

Long Hooded Cloak 

hooded cape 2This full length cloak is dramatic, and surprisingly easy to make.  The perfect finishing touch to t a costume.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Red Riding Hood Cape (with video)

This fun cape is versatile.  Works for boys and for girls – just swap the ribbons for a button to make more masculine.  Sizes child and adult.  Get the Free pattern and video tutorial here.

Easy Long Cape (with video)

This cape is easy to make. There are no sew and easy sew options to make this cape.  This cape also can be wrapped and worn in different ways to achieve different looks.  Wrap a belt around it to form sleeves, wear it loose and flowing, or tie the front behind your back for a unique look.  You can make it without the hood with out sewing anything!  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Bow Infinity Wrap (with video)

Nothing feels better than minky wrapped around your shoulders.  This bow wrap is warm stylish and feels wonderful.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial.

Child Cuddle Cape / Car Seat Poncho

cuddle cape swirlThis adorable cape is made from cuddle fleece – it’s like wearing a cuddle blanket!  With the soft hood that has the option of adding bear ears, cat ears or horns, this cape is so cute on little ones.  The design of the cape also works well with car seats, allowing restrains to sit beneath the cape, keeping the bulk out of the way for child’s comfort. Get the Free Pattern here.

Fast Hooded Cape

fast long cape tutorial featureThis cape can be any length you desire and be made in under an hour!  Fast and easy it had a fun mid evil style hood for drama.  Get the Free Pattern here

Easy Superhero cape

easy super hero cape 2This superhero cape is fun, comfortable and can double as a blanket in a car seat.  The cap fits around the shoulders and not the neck for safety and comfort.  You can get the tutorial here.

Free Scarf Patterns:

Charmed to meet you Scarf (with video)

charmed scarf featureThis scrumptious scarf is made from cuddle fabric.  Using a charm kit it’s fast and easy to come together.  Get the free video tutorial here.

The Lucet Scarf (with video)

Easy lucet scarfThe fun and versatile scarf can be a sew or a NO sew project.  With a boutique and unique look your friends will wonder where you got it.  Get the free tutorial and video here.

Chevron Infinity Scarf (with video)

This light weight scarf is made from jersey knit and sports the popular chevron pattern.  Learn how to make a chevron pattern to apply to other projects.  Get the free pattern and tutorial.

Scarf with Pockets (with video)

You can make a fleece scarf with pockets! Great for keeping hands warm. Written and video tutorial.This handy scarf has fur-trimmed pockets that can hold items or keep hands warm.  Learn how to work with faux fur and make a cute scarf.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial.

Fast Fashion Scarf

You can make warm and fun ruffles scarf in minutes! Easy tutorial.This wonderful combination of ruffle fabric and fleece is warm and trendy.  Easy to make, this scarf can be made in under a half hour.  Get the free pattern and tutorial.

Saturday Morning Scarf (with video)

You can make a cosy scarf that is a combination of Jersey and Knit - comes with video tute!This mix of textures (jersey knit and fleece) makes for different style of scarf.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial.

Candy Stripe Scrunch Scarf

A combination of minky and jersey knit in bold stripes give this scarf it’s yummy look.  Shirring also adds to the scrunched look of the scarf.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Parade or shirred scarf

Simple and fast, this fleece scarf uses shirring in key spots to give it a tailored look.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Bubble Scarf

bubble scarf featureThis scarf tutorial is fast fun and has a lot of texture.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.



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  1. I love your patterns. Thank you for sharing them! I just have one question. Do you have measurements for the sizes? I’m trying to decide if I need the medium or large pattern for the Cowl Capelet. I’m know I’d be able to tell by printing the patterns and putting them together, but in the interest of saving time, and trees, I thought I’d ask. 😉 Thank you in advance for your help. And again, thank you so much for sharing your creations!!

    • Here’s the approximate sizing the samll will fit someone who si a size 8 (US) or less. The Medium fits a 8-14 and the large 16 to 18.
      – Angel

  2. I’m not much of a sewer, but would like to try making the cowled capelet. But, I need a size 18-20 or maybe a little larger. Any ideas on how I would enlarge the 14/16 pattern? Any thing would help. It looks like maybe I could just add and inch or two all around ?? thanks ;0)

  3. I love the scarf and the cape its very elegant and blended with bags and purse then an ideal fashion will be ours.

  4. I have just cut out the hood of the cape pattern. Are there any kind
    of instructions/tuitorial or is it self explanatory? I’m on the last few day
    s of the flu and might have missed something. :O)

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