Giant Holly Leaves DIY (FREE SVG files)

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This Giant Holly Leaves DIY is the perfect way to fill a large space with festive holiday decor. Add some giant foam berries for an additional pop of color.  The files come in two sizes to make  wonderful layered effect.  I’ve opted to use many colors to give the leaf a fun patchwork look.  but you can easily make them all from one color.  The folded joints makea for a nice three dimensional pop. 

 For this project you will need:

A Cutting Machine like a Cricut  or Silhouette

Light grip mat

Green 12 by 12 cardstock ( 6 sheets for a large leaf 29″, 2 for a medium leaf 15″)

wire for the spine (optional but nice I used 18 gauge for the large  and floral wire for the medium)

6 inch half foam balls for berries

Glue Gun and Glue sticks

Paint for the berries

Fleece Fun’s free SVG files (available at the end of the post by filling out the form)

Giant Holly Leaves DIY (FREE SVG files) Instructions:

Step 1 – Cut out the Holly Leaf pieces

Each leaf no matter the size is make up of 8 pieces. 

Cut out the pieces and keep the same shapes in piles.  This will make is easier to assemble them

Step 2 – Fold the Edges

Each leaf has perforated edges.

Fold up the edges on each section, making sure that you fold each shape as a mirror to the other. Notice how the top and bottom sections only have two folds, and the middle have three.

Layout the leaf so you can see how id will come together.  

Step 3 – Glue the Giant Holly together

Starting with the top, glue the two tops together in the center.  If you plan on running a wire through the center , just glue along the top edge of the seam. Set aside.

Next, glue the first middle section piece down the center.  Set aside.

Now the second middle section – glue the center together. Set aside.

Finally the bottom section – glue the center together. 

Now line up the leaf and glue the sections together. starting wit the bottom.

and working your way to the top of the giant holly leaf.

Now if you want to add some wire to make the leaf a little ore sturdy and poseable  – flip the giant holly leaf over and push the wire into the back and glue into place.

This is the back of the holly leaf so it’s ok if the wire is still visible. Be sure to leave some wire at the bottom to have something to poke the berries onto!

Step 4 – Paint the berries and put up!

Finally paint the berries and allow them to dry.  Put the up the holly leaves using command strips and use the wire onto the ends to hook the berries into place.


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