Santa Ornament DIY

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This cute Santa Ornament DIY is a great project for kids and adult during the holidays.  With a  few simple materials you can make this cute ornament for your Christmas Tree.

You will need:For the Santa Belt Ornament

One round mini embroidery hoop (

Acrylic Paint or Paint  Pens:




Sealant Like Modpodge

Ornament Hook

Santa Ornament DIY Instructions

Step 1 – Prep the hoop

Make sure your flat embroidery faces are removed from the hoop part and clean ( wipe with a lint free rag).

Step 2 – Paint the Base

Paint or color the base in red ( if you want to make it elf like you can go with green).  Allow the base to dry.

Step 3 – Add the Details

Start with the belt – draw a line across the ornament.  Allow it to dry.

Next add the belt buckle by drawing or painting a gold rectangle in the center of the belt.

Add a few dots for buttons.

When all of the paint has dried completely, seal the painting. Allow the sealant to dry completely.

Step 4 – Finish the Ornament

Attach ornament hook and enjoy!

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