Reindeer Felt Handmade Ornament DIY

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Hi everyone! I’m Alicia from Felt With Love Designs.

Today, I am sharing a tutorial and free pattern for creating a felt reindeer ornament. I have also designed a mini snowman softie and a mini reindeer softie that would make cute ornaments or stocking stuffers!

This little reindeer needed a friend so I made a matching unicorn ornament to hang with him!

This reindeer ornament is an excellent confident beginner project!

To make your own, you will need:


scraps of felt

a small amount of stuffing (optional)

hand sewing needle



sewing machine

Freezer paper (Optional – Check out this tutorial on cutting felt with freezer paper, if you’ve never used freezer paper before. It’s especially great for cutting small, detailed pieces!)

Reindeer Felt Handmade Ornament DIY Tutorial:

Step 1

Sew the heart to the back circle piece.

Step 2

Position the head and antlers on the front circle piece. The flat piece between the antlers should be entirely covered by the head piece.

Sew the antlers in place.

Sew the reindeer’s head in place.

Sew the inner ear pieces on either ear of the head piece.

Sew the eyes and nose to the middle of the reindeer’s head.

Step 3

Embroider a smile below the reindeer’s nose.

Step 4

Cut a four inch length of string, fold the string in half with the ends touching, and tie a knot at the end to create a loop.

Place the front circle piece (reindeer) wrong sides together with the back circle piece (heart) and sandwich the knot between the two circles, with the loop sticking up.

Using a blanket stitch, sew the two circles together. Be careful to sew the knot and the strings into the stitches at the top of the circle to secure the loop for hanging the ornament.

Optional – Before stitching all the way around the ornament, stuff the ornament with Poly-fil.

The finished ornament measures about 3 inches in diameter.

If you enjoyed this pattern, be sure to stop by Felt With Love Designs and check out some of our other patterns. Our Sea Creatures Felt Ornaments are fun additions to the tree and our 3D Felt Puzzle Dinosaurs make awesome Christmas gifts too!


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