Fleece blanket with a satin binding tutorial

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This is the first step beyond the fleece tie blanket. It’s a really basic tutorial. I’ll be featuring more different fleece blankets that you can make that are a step above a regular tie blanket.  This blanket is easy to make and I love this quick tutorial on how to deal with satin binding.because you aren’t losing any surface area to the ties.  It’s a perfect beginner project that teaches basic principles and you have a nice light fleece throw when you’re finished.

For this project you will need:

2 yards fleece fabric

2 packages satin blanket binding

Rotary cutter, ruler and mat

Rotary cutter, ruler and mat

Fleece blanket with a satin binding tutorial

Step 1 – Prep the fleece for sewing

satin binding0002satin binding0005Cut off the selvages of the fleece.  Make sure that all the edges are straight.

Step 2 – Make the satin binding long enough

satin binding0006satin binding0008satin binding0009satin binding0007To make the binding long enough to go all the way around the blanket.  You will need to sew the two  lengths of binding together.  To make this as seamless as possible the binding will be sewn on and angle.  Take both peices of binding and with right sides (slippery sides) together, sew together at a 45 degree angle across the two pieces.  Snip excess.

Step 3 – Add the binding to the blanket

satin binding0010satin binding0011satin binding0012Depending on the brand of binding one side might be slightly longer than the other.  The slightly longer side will go on the bottom of the blanket.  Starting in the middle of one side of the blanket have the binding pinch the sides of the fleece.  Using a wide zig zag stitch sew along the edge of binding

Step 4 – Make a Mitered Corner

satin binding0013satin binding0014satin binding0016satin binding0017satin binding0018satin binding0019satin binding0020There are two methods you can use on a corner.  One is faster than the other.  The faster method  can have issues if it’s not done properly (the binding can become untucked).  The fast way:  stop of few inches from the  edge fo the blanket, leaving the needle in fabric.  Use a straight pin to hold the binding in place as you wrap it to make the turn around the corner.  Fold the fabric so it makes mitered corner, pin in place continue sewing on the edge of the binding, turning at the corner and continue sewing.  The slower option is sew to the edge of the blanket, finish the seam , then turn the corner.  This will prevent the corner from getting untucked.

Step 5 – Finish the blanket

satin binding0022satin binding0023satin binding0024satin binding0025Once you come to the  the point where you began cut off the excess leaving and inch to turn under.Continue sewing along the edge aof satin to complete the binding.  Finishe your seam and trim your threads.






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  1. I loved this. I am 14 and this took me about 30 mins. to finish. It is in my high school colors and I LOVE IT!

  2. Angel, thank you for including 2 ways to mitre a corner. I personally prefer the slower way. It seems to give me more control. After seaming a side, I can take the blanket off the machine, lay it out and mitre the corner. It really doesn’t take very long!

    A suggestion: I would find it very helpful if your images were larger.

    Thanks again!

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