Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern

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This Red Riding Hood cape pattern is one of Fleece Fun’s most popular.  Will keep the chill from nipping, but not the wolves. This cape tutorial has a video tutorial with a FREE sewing pattern. It's only six steps - looks DIY easy!The circular half cape is perfect for going to grandmother’s house in – it’s warmth will keep the chill from nipping, but not necessarily wolves. This half cape can be made at different lengths (and materials) to get the look you want. Perfect for Halloween.

Designer’s Secret:

The hoods from the Red Riding Hood Cape, the Fast Long Cape, the Easy long cape and the Long Hooded Cape are all different and interchangeable. So if you like the body of this cape but want a hood with a point on the end – you can use the hood from the fast long cape with the body of the long hooded cape. Click a picture below to check out the free pattern and video tutorial.

Video Tutorial Here, Written below:

1- Assemble and cut out the Pattern

You can find instructions on how to assemble the pattern here.

You will need to decide what length of cape you want to make.  Cut the pattern to the same  length you want on both cape pieces.

Cut out 1 of the back (place on doubled fabric on the fold so it will be one large piece ).

Cut out 2 of the front cape piece (place on folded cloth)

Cut out 2 hood pieces or exterior, and two of the lining.  (if you do not wish to have a lining just cut out 2 pieces for exterior.)

So you should have 3 cape pieces – 1 back and 2 front)

Special note:  You will need to cut a triangle where there is  triangle on the pattern – this will help you match up the hood to the cape pieces.  So cut a triangle (cut up above the pattern – not into it) to mark it.  Se the picture to understand.

2 – Begin to pin and sew hood section

With right sides together pin the front and back sections of the exterior hood.  Using a .5 inch seam allowance sew along the path shown in the picture (the back of the hood)

If making a lining sew the same for a lining.

For Lining:  Taking the assembled hood of the exterior pin along the front (see second picture) to lining with right sides together.  Sew along the front using a .5 seam allowance (be sure the bottom section with the triangles remains open).  Turn right side out.  Sew a basting stitch along the bottom (the place where the triangle marks are)  to make it easier to attach to the cape, set aside.

No Lining:  Turn front under .5 inches and sew, using a zig zag stitch along the edge of the fabric.  Set aside.

3 – Begin to make the cape

With right side together pin the back of the cape to the each of the front pieces  along the side seam (see pictures to the left).  Then sew together using a .5 seam allowance.

4 – Make the shoulder seam

Now that the front and back are together it’s time to make the should seams.  Pin together and then using a .5 seam allowance sew each shoulder seam.

5 – Attach hood to the cape

Now it’s time to attach the hood to the capelet.

With right side together (exterior of the hood to the right side of the cape).  Pin the Hood to the cape, lining up the triangle marks.

Then using a .5 seam allowance sew the hood onto the cape (taking care that the fabric doesn’t get bunched up under the needle – if you have a lining you are dealing with a lot of fabric go slow.)  You may want to sew this twice if a lot of strain is going to be made on this cape (i.e. tumbling on stage – little boy with a  lot of energy…etc.)

6  – Finishing up

Cut the ribbon in half and sew each piece to the  sides of the cape where the hood meets the cape.
For a more masculine look you can sew a button on one side and use a loop of elastic on the other.

I have a different attitude when it comes to finishing costume pieces – they don’t have to be perfect because they are rarely worn or they are on stage.  So if you choose  you can turn under the cape edged .5 inch and sew a  zig zag stitch to finish the edges.  Or you can just leave them raw – that is the beauty of fleece/felt/ jersey after all!

Download the free pattern!

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here– it is the ONLY reader I recommend. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !  Fleece Fun’s patterns are free and this site will never ask for your credit card information.
Will keep the chill from nipping, but not the wolves. This cape tutorial has a video tutorial with a FREE sewing pattern. It's only six steps - looks DIY easy!
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Angel Hickman Peterson

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  1. Hello!
    I love the cape, I’m currently working on it but what I really don’t get is the second front piece and where I have to attach it to the back piece, in the video and in the instructions you only show the back and one of the front pieces so I’m really confused
    I would appreciate your help as I’m currently stuck and not sure how to continue
    Kind regards,

    • Sam,
      There are two front pieces, one attaches to the cape back on the left and the other on the right. You can match up the tabs on each piece. I only show on side in the video – you just repeat the same steps on the other side of the cape. I hope that clarifies, if you are still confused let me know and I’ll try to think of a better way to explain it.

      • I am lost on the cap part so you cut both out on the fold and sew them togther am I understanding that right I dont want to cut amy thing yet and waste fabric please let me know if I a reading it right

        • Hi Megan,
          You only cut out the back section on the fold ( ie lay it on the fold and don’t cut the fold part so it is one piece). The front pieces you cut (not on the fold) so it is two separate pieces.
          Does that help?
          – Angel

          • Yes after I wrote you I started things and looking for at the pattern and figured it out thanks for the pattern cant wait to see my little girl dressed up for Halloween this year

    • I think you are running into the same issue that I did. The tutorial and instructions are not very clear on the fact that the middle section of the cape goes along the folded part of your material (you double the fabric and then cut out the middle section of the pattern). I also got very frustrated that nowhere in the instruction s did it state to turn the pattern over for one cut, so waste of material and waste of time there for me there too. I loved the way it turned out in the end, but wish instructions would have been better so I had less hardships. Glad I am not alone in this though! Thanks for the pattern though =) Not trying trying to seem ungrateful.

      • Serina,
        Sorry am assuming in the tutorial that you are cutting on doubled fabric – as that is how it is done in most sewing patterns unless other wise stated I will try to clarify it. There is no need to “flip” any of the pattern pieces if you cut out the entire thing on doubled fabric.
        – Angel

    • Thank you really much for that beautiful work. I followed you advices and made a cape for my kids. Thanks a lot from France!

  2. Hi Anfel Thanks for this fantastic pattern, it has worked a treat and got us out of a tricky situation. Very much appreciated. It looks brilliant.

    • Jacky, glad to hear it worked for you! Feel free to post pictures on the Fleece Fun facebook page if you like!

      • This was soooo easy to do! And I liked the fact that it was so quick too! I made 2 of them for children.

        I also couldn’t resist I made myself one and adapted the length to my ankles.I put in a zipper pocket for debt card and money on the inside. I also added slits for my arms.Added a pocket for my cell as well . I also used a batting inbetween both pieces of fleece. I did finish all the edges off with my rolled hemmer on my serger. I used my serger to make the whole cape! Everyone loves it and asks where I bought it!

        Next now that I have the pattern still I am going to make a wool ankle length out of winter weight and line it with satin !!! And I have enough prequilted thin batting to add as well. This one will be for cold weather obviously!
        Thank-you for such a great pattern!!!

        If only you had a pattern for : it looks like a cape hood with a scraf attached that crosses in the front of your neck. It’s wide not thin and it’s winter wear. i don’t know what they are called. Women in Ireland and Scottland wear them. I have tried to make the pattern myself but am missing something it doesn’t come out right! probably something so obvious and simple I can’t see it!

        Thanks again!!! Keep on sewing!

  3. Hi, I’m still confused by the second front piece after reading the other comments. if the second front piece goes on the right side of the back piece, then where does the second shoulder seam go if there isn’t a second should seam piece cut out on the right side of the back piece ?

    If you could help that would be great!


  4. Thankyou for this fantastic pattern. I made this for my almost 6 year old who is playing red riding hood in a school production. Was really easy to put together. I lined the cape as well as the hood and made the shoulders slightly smaller for her. It looks fantastic and her teacher was very impressed.

  5. Hello !

    This is what I needed ! Before trying, i’d like to know what is the size of “Adult size” and “Child size” (because I’m small… and quite young :’D).
    Is that the child size may be suitable for someone measuring 1 meter 50 ?

    Thank you in advance.


    PS : Sorry if my english is bad, I’m not english or american.

    • Hi Echo!
      The child size would work well for someone short with a small frame (body). I would recommend assembling the child cape pattern and holding it against you to make sure that it’s what you want before sewing.
      Good Luck!

  6. Hi guys!

    This tutorial is awesome, I’m actually plucking up the courage to try sewing something thanks to your video tutorial. I’d love to make a hooded cape for my niece, who’s just turned one. What age child does it fit, and what should I resize the pattern to, to suit?



    • My little girl wore it last year (she was 15 months at the time) for Halloween, and it was fine (just a long cape). You might want to try printing it at 75% – 85% to make the hood smaller, but I made the cape purposefully big for my little girl so she could use it for a few years.
      You do have the option of making a shorter length of the cape in the pattern so it won’t drag on the ground.
      Good Luck Eleora!
      – Angel

  7. I’m 14 and I’ve looking for something like for ages and I would like to know can u alter the height of it? You know to dragging on the floor to just above your feet?

    • Hi Ash!
      Unfortunately because the cape has a circular bottom it’s really not possible just to make it longer without completely redesigning the pattern.
      – Angel

    • Hi Ash
      If you buy extra fabric and reposition the hood to a separate piece, you can extend the side edges of the cape another 15-ish inches. It likely won’t trail on the ground (depending on how tall you are), but it will be longer.

      • OK, so when I looked at what I actually did with the pattern, it is a bit more complicated than that…. I also adjusted the angle of the side seam so the cape wouldn’t widen out as much.

  8. I love the tutorial! I am actually trying to get a head start on my husband’s Halloween costume for this year… he is 6ft 6in… can I add length to the end of the pattern so it will be a floor length cape for him? The fabric I have is only so wide, so I was worried about the ends not being able to fan out, but have to eventually go straight down. Any ideas?

    • Hi Carla!
      Because I kept the pattern simple and it’s a circular bottom it’s more complicated than just extending it. If you do what your suggesting I don’t know if the cape will fall correctly in the front. It looks like I need to design a longer cape pattern! But I won’t be getting to that for a while. =(
      – Angel

    • And as I read through the other comments I see that there’s not a way to lengthen the pattern. I have tried something new and would like to e-mail the pictures to you just to see what you think. Might be something else that you could add to your website! Feel free to e-mail me @

  9. Hi, I love this tutorial, I just watched the movie (with Amanda Seyfield) yesterday and your design comes really close. The only thing I will be adding are the gaps to put my arms through like in the movie 🙂 I have one question though: how long is the longest option on the adult pattern? I didn’t get a good view of the total length on the girl in the video and I would like to have it almost dragging on the floor. Thank you so much!
    P.S. I’m going to check out your other designs and ideas 😉

  10. Hi Angel,

    I downloaded this cape and assembled the pattern last night, but it’s shorter than what I expected.
    I am confused though as there is a comment on the front pattern’s hem that says “This line half cape size”

    Does this mean this cape is a shortish one (half a cape) as I see the other markers says “capelet size” and “mini capelet size”


    • Hi Susie!
      Yes it’s a half cape – not a full cape. The other lines are to make an even shorter version of the cape.

  11. Angel

    It is freezing were I work so I was going to make a couple of these as gifts for the girls at the office. Of course we have to type for 8 hours a day. Where would you put slits for your arms to come out?

    Thanks for the help KL!

    • Hi KerryLynn!
      The best place to put a slit is at the natural waist (right around where the belly button is ) and about eight to ten inches from the center.
      Good Luck!

  12. Thanks thanks thanks for sharing your patterns! I’m using this one for my Lux Spellthief cosplay and I’m sure that it will turn out really well!
    Thanks again for your work =)

  13. Hello Thank you for the wonderful pattern. I needed a pattern for book week, my daughter will be little red riding hood. I had problems with the pattern, I had trouble locating red fleece, so settled for a 1 flat double bed sheet, and 1 pillow case (from the cheapo shop). I also doubled the length and fully lined it.

    Looks fantastic. Thanks again. Now will have to explore your site further….


  14. Hey! Thanks for the pattern. I’m going to attempt to make this pattern a lolita-style capelet with tons of lace as soon as i get the money to do so. (teenager living off allowance). Is this pattern suitable to cottons or broadcloth because that’s what I plan to make a matching skirt out of. I know it will ravel in the sewing process, but I am very experienced. So, will this work with cotton?

    • Hi Robin!
      As long as you finish all the edges – it will work with cotton. So either turn it under a .25 inch twice and sew down the edges – or if it’s just for a costume piece fray check (fabric glue to keep it from fraying) along the edges can be a quick fix too with less sewing. Good luck with your costume!

        • Hi Robin-
          I’m working on two little hoods (kids mini caplets) and I’m using cotton with full lining myself. Two things: First stay stitch the neck on all of your pieces, the circle puts almost everything on a bias and this will help loads when your matching up your hood and cape notches. Second, a ham will help with pressing out the hood. The design lines that make this pattern so great won’t fall so beautifully in cotton without the pressing. Good Luck!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      The finished product comes to the tops of the legs on a female and just below the waist on a male ( it’s a half cape). There are guides built into the pattern to make it a shorter cape or capelet. I know there are people who have extended the pattern on there own to get the length they want. I have a new full length cape pattern that’s coming out in a few weeks.
      – Angel

  15. Looks awesome, only I was wondering if it would be a problem to put a collar on it instead of a hood. I’m planning a swordswoman costume and this looks like it’d be great for a swordswoman cape.

    • Hi Vicky!
      So happy that it worked so well for you – your little girl is adorable! Thanks for the post and the mention!
      – Angel

  16. Thankyou for sharing this free pattern and tutorial!!!!

    My sister and I made the child size out of red poly-cotton for her daughter to be “little red riding hood”. We over-locked (sergered) the seams and did rolled hems on the (unlined) hood and bottom of the cape. My sister cut the front edges on the selvage and as it is just for dress-ups we just left those. So I can say it definitely can be made in cotton or like fabrics.

    This was super quick and easy. Thanks again for sharing the pattern.

  17. Hi Angel! I’m French so maybe my English would be sometimes “catastrophic” for you but I think you won’t have problems to understand me…
    Thank you for sharing your pattern! You have the only free pattern I could find and also one of the best! Your help with videos, your comments..the whole it’s quite easy to understand (even for a “no English speaker”)and you seem nice! It was the first time I try to make a “costume”myself. I’ve always wished it ! With patience and with no professional furniture I finished with a surprinzing result… it was a very good pattren, for exactly what I wanted! I’ll wear this Red Riding Hood , thanks to you, this week-end for a party and I think it will be a “sucess”!
    Thank you again, Continue to make a so beautiful work!
    Bye 🙂

    • Melody,
      Merci! I am happy the pattern worked for you. I think your English is excellent – especially compared to my French (c’est horrible). =)
      Thank you for your kind words,

      • Especially for you… a photo of me wearing the Red Riding Hood’s costume… a real pleasure for a successful effect and a great party! A simple means to be in the skin of our childhood’s character 🙂
        Thank you for your reply on September 13th… you said my English is excellent and it made me so happy! I love the idea I can communicate with someone who speaks an other language … And just a thing… your two words in French, it was absolutly cute! 🙂
        Have a good “continuation”.

  18. mooooh … I’m disappointed ’cause I don’t manage to send you the photo… Maybe you can have a look on my facebook, but it’s only if you’re interrested in it of course!

    My facebook: Mélody Nargeot (i’m French and, a curly -blond -haired and blue-eyed girl XD )


    • Hi Amy,
      Thanks for your interest. I’m sorry but I don’t sew for hire. Maybe ask a friend who sews to make it for you?
      – Angel

  19. Hi, I love this pattern – I’m making the cape for my daughter for halloween. But she wants the cape to go to the ground. I saw from other questions that you were thinking about adjusting the pattern for this. Did you by chance get that done?? If not I’m going to try it myself.
    Thanks for your help either way!

  20. Hi!
    I’m making this for my younger sister and her red riding costume.
    I was curious about the length. How long will the cape be? She wants it fairly long so would it be appropriate for her height of 5′ 4″?

  21. Hello Angel!
    I am so excited to try out this pattern for Halloween, but I was wondering if you have tried any other materials? I’d like to try making the adult cape out of velvet but I still want the hood to have some body to it. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much for the pattern!
    Cat D

    • Hi Cat!
      If you are using velvet be sure to finish all your edges – but I am sure it would be beautiful. To make the hood have some body to it you may consider lining it felt to hold up against the heavy velvet ( you may want to line it twice – and sandwich the felt between the velvet and satin for a nicer look.)
      Good luck!

  22. Hi, did you really fit the longest option on 2 and 1/8 yards of fabric?! I am really having trouble getting it all to fit 🙁 How did you do it?

    • Hi Kayla
      The fabric has to be at least 60 inches wide (typical for fleece) – if it’s not it won’t work. I’m guessing that’s where the issue is. But I have made this pattern multiple times with that amount of fabric.
      – Angel

  23. Hi! Im in love with your website! I want to start making the cape for my halloween costume, but I do not own a sewing machine 🙁 Do you think that using a glue-gun will work?

  24. Would you believe I made two capes for my boys this afternoon. It only took me one and three quarters of an hour. Two Jedis were born.
    Thank you very much .

  25. I am unabke to get the large child pattern to open up 🙁 any idea i keep getting a message saying the website is having trouble.????

  26. hello I would like to achieve this cape but I have a problem with this translation i’m french. you would it be possible to send me a diagram with the final patern mounted to please so that I can understand can be a little better.
    including how room should be cut by patern.
    excuse me for my english.
    thank you

    • Sebura, I’m not sure what more I can give you to make it easier. Perhaps you can tell me which step you are have trouble understanding?
      – Angel

  27. please disreguard previous post it opened fine on my desk top, I must have a glitch in my laptop. I cant wait to get this made, will post pics when costume is completely done. thanks very much for the pattern!

  28. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I have searched for weeks to find an easy cape pattern, I don’t know how to read those ones from the store (I am just learning to sew) but yours makes it super easy. I am so glad I found this on Pinterest. I am looking forward to checking out your website to make the kids hats for my little ones. Thanks again.


  29. Hi, The link to the “Red Riding Hood Half Cape Size: Child” actually connects to the “Red Riding Hood Half Cape Size: Child LARGE” Is it possible to get the pdf for the Child size (not Child Large)? I’d love to make a cape for my baby daughter (5 months) and I’m hoping I can alter/shrink the pattern to make it for her (she has a rather large head, so I think it should work…) Thanks for your help!

      • Thanks for fixing the link! I went out and got fabric this weekend figuring I’d try to alter the child “large” version and see what I could do… but now I don’t have to! I’m very excited to try to make this. Thanks so much for sharing your patterns – you’re the best!

  30. Super excited to try this! I’m wanting to do the child size, but when I click on it, it brings up the child size large pattern (both the child size and child large appear to be exactly the same). Do you have an actual child size pattern, or just the Large? My baby is 7 months old, so it needs to be pretty small. If there is no child size, I’m thinking about printing out the pattern at 50-60%–do you think that would work?
    Thanks so much!

  31. I am a first time sewer, and I love the pattern, but the explanation on the hood assembly with liner is very unclear and the video does not ever actually show clearly how to pin it together. The typed out instructions are very unclear as well, please help!!!!!

    • Hi Lila,
      For the hood exterior you are going to sew the two pieces of the hood together as shown on step two ( The first pattern piece shown) with right sides together. You are going to do the same thing with the two pieces of the lining hood. You should now have two hoods. Next take the hood exterior, and the lining, place them right sides together, pin together along the yellow line shown on the 2nd pattern piece in step two. Sew the two hoods together (they should be inside out seams facing you) along the yellow line from one end to the other of the hood front. Then turn the hood right side out.

      It this is still unclear – I recommend calling or asking a friend with more sewing experience who can physically show you what I am talking about. =)
      – Angel

  32. I am confused with the amount of fabric. Is the 2 1/8 yds for the adult pattern? (i.e. how much fabric is needed for the child version?). Also, does this cover both the cape and lining? So, if I wanted to line it with a contrasting fabric, would I split this amount in half?

    • If you are trying to fully line the cape you will need to double the fabric – only the hood is lined. For a child version you will need 1.5 yards of fleece. for an unlined cape.

  33. Hi! I need the child large size but when I click on it to print the pattern, only the child size shows up. Also I was wondering why you would need the same amount of fabric for every size and style cape?

  34. I was wondering how wide the fabric has to be? I believe most fleece is at least 54″, but I want to make this out of faux fur and it may not come as wide. It if for my 7 year old, so I will be making a child size. Any advice? thanks

    • Hi Joanne,
      The pattern is based on wide fabric (58 inches) – the child pattern is smaller and will work with a smaller width – but not much smaller. The fabric needs to be at least 49 inches wide for a child large and 41 for a child. So it depends on the width of fabric you can find the faux fur in – as it can vary.
      Good luck!
      – Angel

  35. I am very confused by the part where you sew the hoods together for a lined hood. I can’t seem to understand how to sew both pieces together. help please 🙂

  36. BIG THANK YOU! My daughter (19) and I made the cape on Friday night. She’s wearing it as part of a Little Red Riding Hood costume. Neither of us have any great sewing ability. Nonetheless, it turned out great! Directions were easy to follow. Probably took me almost as long to assemble the pattern as it did to actually sew it. You are a genius!

  37. Hi angel,
    I’ve made the cape but extended it to full length for my daughters wedding. It is beautiful!
    I’ve made it with ivory fleece lined with duchesse satin and trimmed with faux fur. She is so pleased with it, as am I! Your pattern was really easy to work with especially the tutorial – not bad for a first project! I’m now looking at making the bow wrap to match for the evening- thank you so so much!!!
    Tracy x

  38. Dear Angel,

    I’m from Holland and I was wondering about the amount of fabric.
    Since we use meters instead of yards, I tried to translate it into meters by using the internet. I think it’s about 1.96 meters so naturally I would get 2.00 meters from the market, but you think that’s about right?

    Kind regards,


  39. Great pattern! I’m a beginner sewer and was able to do it in one night, and added a lining to the whole cape as well (because I plan on wearing it when I take the dogs out in the winter). I wish it was longer – I used the max size but it still only goes to my waist. But it’s still cozy and looks way better than a snuggie, heheh. One question I have though – any trick to making the shoulders not so boxy? In the picture the cape lays and forms to the shoulders, but on my cape the shoulders create a point and kind of look like it has shoulder pads. I wonder if I didn’t meet the shoulders the right way? *shrug* Any suggestions?
    Thanks again for a wonderful pattern!

    • Hi Mandi, If you email me a picture of the should seam meeting the side seam I might be able to offer some suggestions. But so happy that for the most part you had success!

  40. THANK YOU for putting out this pattern. We are having difficult economic times right now – I already had the fabric, but no money for a printed pattern. It is my tradition to make something for a costume for my kids every year, and I will be able to do it again, thanks to this pattern!

  41. Thank you for the pattern! My daughter and her service dog are going to be Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf for Halloween this year and this pattern was perfect! I LOVE the hood! It looks so great and was easy to whip together this afternoon. My daughter loves it and it will be so warm for trick-or-treating. Thank you for sharing!!!

  42. I am attempting to make this for my 3 year old as part of her little red riding hood costume. The question I have is if I am not using fleece but another material for the hood pieces do I cut 2 and then flip the pattern over and cut to facing the other direction? Sorry to sound dumb but I am new to this and my material is one sided and I’d think for the pieces to match properly I would need to cut 2 one direction and then 2 the other direction? Does this make any sense?

    • Hi Shannon,
      Yonly need two pieces of the front – the back is one peice. If you cut the fabric on folded fabric – you won’t need to worry about flipping it – just cut out both pieces at once.

  43. I’m so sorry my daughter accidentaly deleted the first part of the message before I sent it. The question I had is if I were to line the entire cape, when would I attavch the lining to the pieces? What would be the easiest way and which sides facing which to make sure I have a clean look ?

  44. I am confused! I printed the pattern. I follow the grid layout but I have extra pieces!
    23-30, No idea where I need to put these!

    • Hi Nellie,
      On the second page of the pattern is a Map that will show you where the peices go. It will show you clearly where they are located.
      – Angel

  45. Thanks so much for the wonderful video and pattern. I made this for my daughter today and I am a novice at sewing at it was easy to understand. My daughter will be adorable in this cape for Halloween as Little Red Riding Hood.

  46. Hi!
    I think that you may have uploaded the wrong “large child” pattern. The large child pattern is the same as the adult pattern (30 pieces), but on the grid the large child pattern only has 22 pieces. Could you please upload the large child pattern?

  47. Thank you for posting this. I made a Belle costume for my daughter for Halloween, and now the forecast is calling for 40 degree temperatures and rain. I went out today and picked up some burgundy colored fleece and fake fur trim and soon Belle will have a cape to go over her gown so she doesn’t freeze. So glad you included the shoulder seam, I think that will make it fall nicely around her rather than some of the other capes I’ve seen online.

  48. Thank you so much for this pattern! I couldn’t find red fleece, so used felt. I added four inches in length to the child large for my 14-year-old daughter. It only took a couple hours, and looks great! She’s now all set for a red-riding-hood Halloween.

  49. Thank you so much for offering this FREE pattern! I found a big fleece blanket at Walmart for $2.88, much less than fleece yardage. The finished cape looks really nice and was very quick and easy to make, even for me — I am not a very experienced sewer. I made this for my petite 2.5 yr old and did cut it down a little. I made a smaller hood and then cut the front edge of the cape to match (decrease in circumference). I can send you photos of my little one in her costume. I will post this on my FB page and recommend your site. I love it! You have a ton of talent. Thank you!

  50. Angel,
    I wanted to make the small childs cape for my daughter, but I can’t work out how the pattern pieces work.
    There are 3 negatives and 6 extender pieces.
    In the instructions there are photos of much bigger front and back body pieces.

    • Hi Rebecca!
      The pieces for the cape pattern are much smaller than the adult (in the pictures it’s an adult cape). The cape pattern is for the easy long cape – which isn’t on this page. THey work just the same as in the example – they are just smaller for a kid.

  51. Thank you sooooooo much for posting this pattern!! I just started working on a little red riding hood costume for the Armegeddon convention next year, but had NO IDEA how to make a hooded cape!

    Your a lifesaver! And I’m REALLY looking forward to making it and copsplaying in it!!!

    Thank you! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  52. Thanks for the pattern. I’ve just finished outfitting a cast of 17 for a student play with an adapted version of this cape, and they look fab. Watching actors swishing around in them was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time 🙂

  53. Hello, there!
    Thank you so much for the pattern, I haven’t seen them yey, but I have a question. What ages/sizes would you say the child size is for? See, I have six nieces (ages 3, 4, 6, 7) and I’m not sure if I should use the child large size for the older ones. I don’t think I could measure it on them because I want it to be a Christmas present for them.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Iris,
      I would use the child for the 3 and 4 year olds. I would use the child large for the 6 and 7 year olds.
      – Angel

  54. Thanks so much for this pattern! I’m making a cloak for a princess who will be riding in a convertible car in a local Christmas parade. I wanted it longer so it could be draped all around her. I used artists sketch paper (the big sheets) to place under the pattern at the bottom and extended the lines around 10 inches. I redrew the circular bottom as best I could by measuring from the original bottom line to a spot 10 inches away and drew a 1″ dash line. I did this every few inches and then connected the dashed lines to form the circular bottom. It might not be the perfect method of redrawing this pattern to be longer but it’s the best I came up with. I sewed a trial run on some ugly cotton and it came out great. Now for the real one on the real fabric! Just wish I knew how to split that back into 3 panels. I think that would save on fabric.

  55. bonjour, excusez moi .mais est ce que je peux mettre votre lien pour les explications de ce modèle sur mon blog sans mettre de tuto. merci de votre réponse
    bonne journée

    • Yes a link to the tutorial is fine. Posting the instructions and pictures to instructions is not allowed. Thank you for your quick reply.
      – Angel

  56. Hi! Thanks for the pattern! I found it on “all free sewing” I have very thick long curly hair and have been pondering off and on making a hoodie with an extra large hood so it won’t smush my hair. I tend to kind of ‘sew by the seat of my pants’ but didn’t want to waste time and fabric figuring out the large hood so thank you! Looking forward to making it!

  57. Dear Angel, I assembled the pattern , was looking at it, and I discovered I wasn’t paying attention and also bought 2 1/8 yard for lining it. Would added a mini capelet to the shoulders in the other color I bought be ok, because on the pattern it says not to modify it and say its your own but I didn’t know if you would care or not so I dedided to ask.
    Thanks, Zach

    • Hi Zach,
      You are welcome to modify the pattern for personal use – the wording saying not to modify it is to keep people from taking my pattern changing it and then claiming it’s their own design. But you do whatever you want to make your cape work for you! =)

  58. Oh!!!! I’ve always wanted one of these capes! Not as a costume, but as a “Jane Austen character going to the ball” instead! Thank you so much for the pattern and instructions!!!!!!! You’re the best! 🙂

  59. Hi I’m doing this cape for drama class and my teacher loves it. I just wanted to say thank you. Bye

  60. Hello, thank you for your answer! I have finished the cape for my daughter! It is beautifull!!! The hood was just the perfect size!!!
    After the Carnaval, I will send you a photo with the complete costume!

    Once again thank you!!

    Filipa Romeira
    Madeira, Portugal

  61. Hello !

    I don’t speak english very well, so… If someone here speaks french, I need some help…
    I don’t understand if I have to do every step twice and sew them together, or if I really don’t understand how to do !
    But this cape is really nice and i abstolutely want to do it !

    Hope some help !

    Thank you !

    • Alison could you tell which step you’re having trouble with specifically? I will try to help or word it a different way.

  62. thanks for this pattern! I am not a sewer, but yet I made this in one evening. Easy and fast – that’s my kind of project!
    Thank you.

  63. Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern and tutorial. I made a cloak for my daughter in crushed velvet (sorry!) and it was so easy and turned out beautifully.

  64. Hello! I just finished this cape today, and it looks gorgeous! I made it for a girl who is in a musical with me, but instead of fleece, I used velvet. I also replaced the button or ribbon for a golden clasp, which looked nice with the fabric. Thank you so much for the pattern!

  65. Hi,
    Just wondering how wide was the fabric you used? I’m trying to do this on a budget and have worked out that I can get away with 2 meters of this (as they are slightly longer than yards) but just wanted to make sure as the fabrics I’m looking at are only 45 inches wide

    • The pattern is based on fabric that is 58 inches wide. So you will need to find a fabric that width.
      – Angel

  66. are you?i am not speak english.l love sewing very much and your site.are you learn sew for me??

  67. Thank you very much for the pattern. My 3 year old daughter wanted to be a Little Red Riding Hood for World Book Day. Where all the children at school dress up as a favourite character from a book. I made the hood with a newly bought sewing machine. I also made another little hood for her beloved doll with leftover fabric. She adores them both. More happily she won the Best Costume Prize in her year at school The costume made everybody smile thanks to you!!!

  68. Thank you for an excellent pattern. I have just used it (the middle length) for a toddler who has to appear on stage in her teacher mum’s school as Little Red Riding Hood. It makes her enchanting and magical. – the perfect pattern for a fairy tale.

  69. Thankyou so much for this gorgeous pattern! I only found your website this morning, and finished the cape this afternoon. I did it in bright red satin with a bias binding edge and it looks fabulous! I love the fullness of the hood. I now have a very happy Miss 6 who will be wearing it for her school fairytale parade. Thanks again, Katrina (Sydney, Australia).

  70. Hello,
    Thank you for this pattern. I just made three capes in the last couple of days. The first one I made with a velveteen blanket from WM that I got on clearance. It was a child’s size large for my dd. I added a cute button and old fashioned macrame hook closure. I then wanted to improvise with two more capes and tell you how it went. I made two more capes from camo-fleece blankets also clearanced priced that I wanted to fashion from the ones that Princess Leah wore in the Return of the Jedi movie. You should see them!!! I decided to try an easy on cape with hood without front opening ( just put over head). I cut two of the back pieces that you put on fold and then the hood. The measurements of the hood fit perfectly. I sewed the hood bottom skinny pieces together to attach hood and then pinned and sewed to the two “back” pieces that I had attached. There is plenty of room to slip over your head and the cape with the beautiful generous hood looks fantastic. I also added length to the capes. Thank you so much. I can send you a pic if you would like. Blessings. Lori

  71. Hi,
    Im thinking of making this cape for a hobbit costume. I was wondering how long the cape was. The hobbits’ cape goes down just below the knees. Could i still use the patten or would i have to extend it?

    btw i love the website and crafts!


    • The cape is a half cape so depending on the persons height it hits between the waist and the mid thigh.

  72. Thank you for this amazing free pattern. I made it in an evening for my little granddaughter to wear to a Grimms Fairytale Day at school today. She won ‘Best Costume’ and its really all thanks to you Angel!
    As well as the cape I made a full circle red checked skirt, a full circle white lace petticoat and a small matching white apron. So easy but the cape was the main piece which made the whole outfit look so cute.
    Little sister (4) now wants a ‘My Little Pony’ costume. Help!!
    Sincere thanks again

  73. Hey. I would like to know how long the cape is supposed to be. Is it to your knees or higher or lower? Thanks!

  74. Thank you for this beautiful and creative pattern, People have to learn to see the patterns in a 3D way (stop and use your imagination). The instructions are very easy and fun, no need to get upset.

  75. Hi can I just check the seam allowance is 5 inches? Not cm? I’m getting confused as it seems an awfully big seam allowance, why not just cut less material? Thanks.

  76. Oops ignore last comment, I was being silly! That’s what the point is for, 0.5 inches, not 5 inches!! Lol! I am sewing for my wedding so brain is a bit scrambled!! 😀

  77. Hi!

    The pattern is exactly what i was looking for! I’m a french speaker so i have a question: do we have to cut the pieces .5 inch extra for the sewing, or is it already included in the pattern?

    I hope my question is clear and my english not too bad 🙂

    Thanks for everything,


  78. Thanks so much. I just finished my cape. I made it using black fleece and added lace around the bottom. Can’t wait to wear it this weekend at the Renaissance festival!

  79. Hey
    Thanks for this pattern, it looks absollutely gorgeous. I really want to have my own. But here is one question. Did anybody find a way to make it longer? Because I would like it to go too my feet.

  80. Hi,
    I was wondering which style/size you would recommend for the following. A 5’4″ woman, who is a size 2 in adult, or for shirts an extra small/small. Would you make the adult size for someone like that, or the child large ? As they don’t want it to be too big across.


  81. Hi,

    I was wondering for a 5’4′ adult woman would you recommend the adult size or child large ? She wears a extra small or small top, and a size 2 pant. Looking for a cape that fits nicely and doesnt have major excess fabric.



    • Hi Alison,
      I would think the child large would be better on such a petite person. To make sure I would assemble the child’s pattern and hold it up to the person you’re making it for to give you a better idea if the fit will be right for her.
      – Angel

  82. Hi, I wanted to make a floor length little red riding hood cape and I am 5′ 9″. So I was wondering if you could tell me the measurement of the 3 different cut out patterns. For example, what are the dimensions of cape cut 1, length, biggest width and littlest width. Thanks!!!!

  83. hi there!!thank you very much for a very usefull tutorial i made two of these “red riding hood” for my own daughter “angel” shes 5y/o..i made a purple one and a blue one..she loves them very much..i do thank you so much for a very nice tutorial you have here…Godbless always to you and your family..
    im going to share my link here so that i can show you my work i post them at…
    thank you again.

  84. My daughter wants to be a princess with a cape for Halloween. Thank you so much for this pattern. Of course, my daughter picked out a very messy fabric, it’s shedding everywhere. However, when it’s done it will be so nice!

  85. Wonderful pattern, i made the childs size for my super tiny 3 month olds Halloween costume but i lined the inside with a nother felt so its reversible(and will really help in missouri’s winter!) I had to tweek it a bit since the fabric became super thick but it turned out wonderful. It falls below her feet, but its not like shell be walking soon haha. And it even fit me going to my waist at 5’6. Glad that this will last as long as i can take care of it. Thankyou for this excellent pattern

  86. Hello,
    I am making the cape for my 18 month-old and love it so far!
    Right now I am just stuck at the assembling of the hood to the cape. When I just sew the hood on the cape (right sides touching) aren’t you going to see the place where I sewed when wearing the cape?

  87. Can you PLEASE response to comment 154, I just want the basic measurements of the cape so I do not have to print the template out thanks!!!

  88. Love your detailed pattern! Photo, video and detailed instructions – THANK YOU!!! I am tackling this cape for my daughter’s costume of Princess Belle. We live in NY and it will probably be very chilly around Halloween. I was thinking of purchasing online both a velvet material along with a fleece/winterfleece. Do you think this would be too cumbersome and thick to sew this pattern with?

  89. Loved the pattern! I hurt my shoulder and can’t wear jackets, this was a life saver. And super cute too!

  90. Just finished this cape for my daughter. Fantastic pattern and instructions, can’t thank you enough can’t believe I managed to make something that looks so good. I am smiling just watching her in it.

  91. I am having trouble getting page #29 and #30 to print. Am I doing something wrong? The rest of the pattern prints just fine.

  92. Hi Angel
    This pattern is by far the best I have seen online! I haven’t sewn much in a while and forget if this kind of modification is possible. I am currently working on a cosplay and am making for my friends too. I am trying to make something like this:!!0-item_pic.jpg
    It looks pretty similar to yours however it’s opening is off to the side. Is it possible to still put a hood on and make the opening to the side? This would be extremely helpful if you responded. Thank you very much.
    Another reference picture if needed:

  93. Hi there!
    What a great site, thank you for making these patterns free and easy to access and use!
    I want to make a cape for my 5’2″ daughter. Should I use the adult or the child large? If I missed this information somewhere, I’m sorry.


  94. Hello your pattern is just beautiful and I’m going to attempt to make it for my niece. I’m fairly new to sewing so I hope it comes out nice but my question is which pattern would you recommend for a 13 year old she about 5’3″ and wears a juniors sml/med. would the adult be to big? Or should I use the child large? Thank you you are super creative love all your patterns

  95. thanks so much for the pattern, we were in a great hurry, deadline coming up next day, we didn’t find a red riding hood kinda coat anywhere, so we bought a cheap cloak and this pattern helped me sew a hood for it! in great hurry and last minute it was really helpful thank you!! ^^

  96. I love this cape and would like to make it. I tried to pin this page to my Pinterest page but your pin link doesn’t seem to work. I tried several times and it just won’t pin.

  97. Hi,

    Thanks so much for this fantastic pattern! I”m going to get started on it today.
    A quick question – For the adult size pattern, how much fabric is needed for the caplet (i.e. the medium length)? I don’t want to buy more material than I will need.

    Thanks so much!!

    • Michelle I’m sorry I don’t have that information with me and am away from my main computer. I suggest putting the pattern together and measuring it to gauge the yardage. 🙂
      – Angel

  98. what is the difference in the sizing of the child large and the adult size? I’m assuming this will mostly affect the shoulders.

  99. Thank you so much for your awesome patterns and tutorials. I just made this cape but I fully lined it. It looks amazing, and I think My daughter is going to rock Little Red Riding Hood. I had previously made the pleated skirt out of cotton for her. It looks complicated but was a breeze to make. It too was a great tutorial. You do a fabulous job making easy patterns that look great and have easy to follow directions! Just wanted to stop in and say I appreciate it!

  100. Thank you so much for posting this pattern. You have made a little 7 year old very happy, which makes me very happy!!

  101. Thank you so much for the little red cape what a great pattern!!! its a huge hit! I love all your stuff and the tutorials just amazing! keep up the great work from Thea at ryan’s cottage

  102. I made this for my daughter for her Halloween costume I made it full length however and It was a huge success.. She is about 5’5 I used the child large and it worked great, Thanks

  103. Thanks for the pattern. I used it to make a bridal cape. I made some alterations. I lined the cape as well the hood so it is reversible using white swirl fur and white bridal satin. I used 3 yards of each because I extended the pattern ten inches longer in the satin and thirteen inches longer in the swirl fur and three inches wider in the swirl fur on the front edges and around the hood opening. I stitched matching the edges, so that when I turned it right side out the fur extended 1 1/2 inches beyond the satin for a fur boarder look. I emailed you pictures of it since I don’t see a way to post them here. Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

  104. I am wanting to make this for 11 girls for my churches daycare Christmas play they are doing in 3 weeks. This is all perfect but I don’t need to add a hood. Any specific instructions needed since I don’t need to add the hood? Thank you for providing an amazing pattern with detailed instructions 🙂

    • Don’t cut the triangles out to line up the hood. You might want to finish the neckline with bias tape or turn it under a half inch and sew a zigzag stitch along the edge to finish the collar and prevent stretching. But it should work without the hood.

  105. I love this pattern, thank you for making it not only free, but SO easy to understand. I made this last winter and my daughter loves wearing her “Pink Riding Hood” on chilly days (not that we get many in AZ!). I just discovered tonight that by changing my printer settings to print 2 pages per sheet of paper, the child sized pattern is now the PERFECT size for a matching 18″ doll cape! I cannot wait to make this for my girl for Christmas!

  106. To make a cape for an 18″ doll (American Girl or Our Generation doll), I used the adult pattern, but printed four pages per sheet (on the print options window). It came out perfect!

  107. I changed this pattern up a bit by giving it added length in the back creating a hi-low hem & drastically cut out the fullness on the back of the hood. I then made it out of ivory satan and lined it with white fleece for a very elegant looking winter wedding day cover up. Nice versatile pattern! Thanks for sharing it.

  108. I just made the Child Large pattern for my kindergarten daughter’s “Fairy Tale Day” at school. She looked absolutely precious!!! I’d attach a photo, but I don’t know how :/

  109. Hi !!

    I just made one for myself. It is the first cloth I make myself. I made it ankle-length in velvet and did a full lining out of polar fabric. Il looks amazing. Thank you for the pattern. I’m glad I found your website, I’m not sure I would have try this without all the explications you give and all the good comments.

    Thank you very much, Kisses from France

  110. This tutorial is FANTASTIC! I made a cape (corduroy on the top and lined it with quilting weight cotton) and it is absolutely beautiful. I paid for a pattern and didn’t even use it because this one was so professional and exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much. I have two more cape orders (other two daughters!) I better get started on now…! Thank you.

  111. Thank you so much for sharing and especially for making it a free one (I am sometimes able to buy patterns I love, but I do have a tight budget, so awesome)! I am going to give it a go in the next couple of weeks, when it´s done I´ll post a picture 🙂

  112. I would just like to say how awesome you are. My daughter has a princess birthday party to go to and I have been looking for ages for a hooded cloak,cape pattern. I have your site bookmarked in favorites and should have remembered to just come here. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into your site. Belinda from Australia.

  113. I am a complete novice having never seen anything using a pattern before an I found the Cape pattern and instructions really easy to follow with a great end result, thank-you

  114. Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial. The instructions were really clear and easy to follow. I know it was meant to be made using fleece but I actually used a heavier wool type fabric, gave it a lining and fancy fastenings and now I can wear it all through autumn and winter. So pleased.

  115. Honestly i was looking for something different all you see is short cloaks and they bother me this is a great new stylish and easy way to get i wanted THANK YOU SO MUCH

  116. helppp!! I LOVE this cape and I’ve looked for others but this catches my eye more than the ones I’ve found. I have no idea how to sew nor do I know anyone who can so I was wondering if it’s possible to order one already made? or buy the supplies and pay someone to make it for me? hope to hear back from you!! thanks!

    • Hi Paige,
      I’m sorry I don’t have a shop where I sell already made items. You are welcome to print off the pattern and ask a friend to sew it for you. Also I have heard of people “sewing” it together with a glue gun…but I can’t personally recommend it. So glad you like the design.

  117. Hello! I was wondering what width of fabric you used? I was also wondering if it was possible to use a different fabric (instead of fleece) to make the cape.
    Thanks, Chyanne

  118. Hello! Thank you for this pattern! It’s surprisingly the only free one I found online, which is strange. Anwho, I had a couple questions about the pattern.
    1) Can I use a more stretchy fabric with this? I’m not sure what the type of fabric is specifically but it’s very light and stretchy.
    2) Is there a way to omit the hood without the cape looking unfinished?

  119. Hi Angel! This pattern is by far well worth it’s fame. it was easy to make and looks fantastic!
    My only issue is that I decided to be a rebel and use suede cloth and satin lining. Paired with the large hood, it becomes very easy for it to slip off. Besides sewing hairpins on the inside, do you have any recommendations?
    Otherwise, thanks so much! 🙂

  120. Hello,

    I am wondering if I could make this cape reversible?? I am trying to figure it out on my own but just got back into sewing recently so I am a bit rusty. I cut out double of the entire pattern, and for the lining of the hood I just used the fabric that I wanted for the reversible part of the cape…How would I line the body of the cape to make it reversible??

    Thank you so much for this tutorial!!


    • HI Leanne,
      You basically cut out two of the cape. Sew the two capes right sides togther, leaving a space for utning in the bottom back of the cape. Turn it right side out and sew the gap closed.

  121. Hi! Great instructions! I have never made any clothing in my life, but needed this to Complete my halloween costume. My first Meeting With a sewing machine, and it was a great result, no Challenge, and as a man, 40+, and mostly doing mechanical stuff – this was fun!

    Thanks a lot for the great instructions!

    Best regs.


  122. I used the pattern to make a full-length felt cloak for my granddaughter’s Halloween costume. I lengthened the pattern by adding an extra 14 inches along the bottom edge. It came out beautifully. Wish there was a way to post a photo so you could see the end product.

  123. Hello,
    What a brilliant tutorial!
    I am attempting this cape for my little girl, I was wondering if adding lining to the cape is possible?
    Thank you

  124. Hi, what is the difference in size between the child and child large? I am making for a 9 year old girl. Thank you!

  125. I just wanted to post a note to say thanks for such a fun, easy, and quick pattern. As others have done, I modified this a little by making it longer – nearly to the floor. My daughter wanted a Harry Potter-esque “cloak” for Christmas and this fit the bill perfectly!

  126. I used the hood-pattern for two costumes (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter) and it fits perfect.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  127. Thank you for the pattern. My daughter and I have been looking for a cape pattern and really like yours.

  128. I am making this pattern with Organza Fabric for a creepy witch costume. I am trying it out tonight. Wish me luck and thanks for the pattern!

  129. Thank you so much for making this available and for making the pattern a printable one. Am cosplaying this year as a vampire red riding hood (yes i know) who fights werewolves and was looking everywhere for an easy hood pattern for my mom to make for me. She knows how to make the cape but the hood was giving her some trouble. Yours was easy, fit with the cape pattern she had done out before and was easy to understand. Thank you!