Felt Gingerbread Man Pattern (free, plus woman, girl and boy)

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This free Felt Gingerbread Man Pattern comes not only with a man, but a woman, boy and girl!  This cute felt gingerbread family is easy to make and can easily be adapted to suite your style of holiday décor.  While I’m giving you the option to use HTV to decorate the felt gingerbread ornaments, you can easily replace it with buttons, and other tiny  decorations to make it your own.

For this Felt Christmas Ornament DIY you will need:

2 colors of wool blend felt (I like to get mine here)

HTV in white

EasyPress Mini

EasyPress mat

Cricut (or other cutting machine to cut the HTV)

LightGrip Mat

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Ribbon (optional)

Fleece Fun’s Free PDF Pattern (Available by filling out the form at the end of the post)



Felt Gingerbread Man Pattern (free, plus woman, girl and boy) Instructions:

Step 1 – Cut out the pieces to the felt ornament using the free template



Gather your materials.

Each gingerbread person is made up of two felt pieces: the outline and the gingerbread. Decide on which ornaments you’ll make.

From wool blend felt cut 1 of the outline.

Set the outline aside.

From the “gingerbread” color cut out 1 of the desired gingerbread shape.

Set aside.

Finally if desired cut out the frosting pattern from HTV.  Weed and set aside.

This is what makes 1 felt gingerbread man ornament.

Step 2 – Iron on the HTV (if desired)

Center the HTV on the ornament.  I find the easiest way is to center the hair and face the on the ornament and the rest falls into place.

Iron on according to the instructions for your HTV.

Repeat for all the ornaments that your making.

Step 3 – Bring the Felt Gingerbread Man ornament together

Take the outline and the front pieces.

Glue together.

If desired make a loop of 8″ ribbon and glue to the back.

Be sure to check out my DIY felt gingerbread house ornament to make the set complete!


You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use.  Fill out the form by clicking the picture just below to get it sent right to you. Or simply click here to go to the form.

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