Lazy Day Chicken Cordon Bleu


Ooooh – Chicken Cordon Bleu – tender chicken dripping with cheese and stuffed with ham.  Yum. Have you ever had a day when you had big plans for a lovely Crock pot meal only to remember that particular fact around 4 p.m.?  I recently did.   My mouth was all set for Chicken Cordon Bleu. […]

Cookie Butter Hazelnut Shake

Cookie Butter Hazelnut Shake by Frenchie on

Let me start off by introducing myself, I’m Lindsay with Frenchie. I’m really excited to be a contributor here at Fleece Fun and to be working with Angel. I’m glad I get to show you guys what treats I make at home with my family and show you that I love to be in the […]

Cookie Candy Bars Recipe


I’m going to honest, these are Evil. Yes evil with a capital E. Imagine the world’s best cookie, then slather it in peanut butter and top it with mini candy. You would think that it it would be too much, but it’s not. You’ve been warned! So I am not responsible for you getting addicted […]

Buried Treasure Brownies

buried treasure brownie

I’m so happy to visit with you here on Foodie Friday at Fleece Fun.  Thanks Angel for having me here! Today I’m sharing the ‘Buried Treasure Brownies’ recipe.  They were a childhood favorite of mine and in fact I once won a grade school cake contest with these little jewels.  These are both decadent and […]

Mom’s Potato Salad Recipe

easy potato salad recipe

For the past two years I’ve been assigned the potato salad for a family event.  Confession:  I hate making potato salad!  Who the devil invented the potato salad?  Honestly this one SIDE dish takes more time than a dinner.  First you have to peel and cook the potatoes, then chill them.  Then you need to […]

Foodie Friday: Moist Cilantro Lime Chicken

cilantro lime chicken recipe

Warm weather is slowly creeping the thermostat up.  Which means grilling.  Yummy, grilled food that my husband makes!  This recipe is one of my favorites because of the fresh blend of flavors.  It’s also safe for my little one that has an egg/milk allergy – so bonus!  This chicken is best grilled.  It’s moist juicy […]