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An index of all of the Free Child Patterns available on Fleece Fun.


Free Child Clothing Patterns:

Upcycled Sweater Skirt

100sweaterskirt-11_editUpcycle an old sweater and make a cute skirt for fall! Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Simple Skirt

simple skirt free pattern fleece funThis skirt is light, comfortable and a dream to sew.  You can make several for your sweet little girl.  Get the Free pattern and tutorial here.


Fall Cardigan

104ffcardigan-19_edit2016Perfect for fall laying this cardigan comes in sizes 2 to 7!  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Baking Outside the Box Apron (With Video)

This adorable apron is perfect for your little chef.  comes in three child sizes for a perfect fit.  Get the free Pattern and video tutorial here.

Child’s basic Fleece Pants (With Video)

Perfect for pajamas, lounging and playtime.  These pants work great for boys and girls. These pants can also be made from jersey knit. Video tutorial makes this easy pattern a snap.  You can make several in one sitting. Sizes 3 months to 5T.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

Boutique style fleece pants (with video)

These pants are so cute, everyone will think you got them from a boutique.  Fun and girly your little girl will love dancing in them.  Sizes 3 months to 5t ( and an 18″ doll size too!).  Pants can be made from fleece or jersey knit.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

Fun and Frilly skirt

Bouncy, ruffely and frilly this skier is pure fun.  Looks great in pictures paired with the mini top hat!  One of the “fleece free” patterns this is made from tulle and cottonGet the Free pattern and tutorial here.

Back to School Pleated Skirt (with video)

Perfect pleats and design make this skirt and instant classic. Can be made from fleece or jersey knit.  Sizes 12mo to 5T.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Snow Queen Jacket and Cape

Costume Patterns by Inspired by Disney’s Frozen this little jacket will help keep your little one warm ( the cold might not bother Elsa – but it might your kiddo!)  Get the free pdf pattern and tutorial here.

  Snow Princess Cape

You can make a cape that is inspired by Princess Anna's cape from Disney's FrozenInspired by Princess Anna’s Cape from Disney’s Frozen.   This adorable cape will make your little girl feel like the princess that she is.  Plus it will keep her warm while trick or treating!  Get the free pdf pattern and tutorial here.

Red Riding Hood Cape (with video)

This fun cape is versatile.  Works for boys and for girls – just swap the ribbons for a button to make more masculine.  Sizes child and adult.  Get the Free pattern and video tutorial here.

Child Cuddle Cape / Car Seat Poncho

child cape featureThis adorable cape is made from cuddle fleece – it’s like wearing a cuddle blanket!  With the soft hood that has the option of adding bear ears, cat ears or horns, this cape is so cute on little ones.  The design of the cape also works well with car seats, allowing restrains to sit beneath the cape, keeping the bulk out of the way for child’s comfort. Get the Free Pattern here.

Towel Wrap (with video)

easy to make towel wrap tutorialThis towel wrap is perfect for the bath or the beach!  Learn basics to working with terry cloth, and how your can make this cute wrap in an afternoon!  You can get the tutorial here.

Free Hat Patterns:

Halloween Hat Pack (with video)

This pattern is full of fun character hat variations that will look adorable on your little one!  Be a dinosaur, a viking, a cat or bear.  This pattern is simple and easy to sew.  The possibilities are endless! Sizes baby to adult.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

Basic Hat with Ribbon (with video)

One of Fleece Fun’s most popular patterns – because it’s just so cute!  Switch out the ribbons to go with different outfits.  Scared of buttonholes?  There are easy sew options for this pattern to make it even simpler.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

 Basic Hat with Top Knot

Another twist on the classic hat pattern, this little top knot ties off the hat perfectly.  Get the Free pattern here.

 Basic Hat with horns (with video)

The simple version of the hats in the Halloween hat pack.  this hat is easy and perfect for your little monster.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.


Free child accessories:

Warm Fleece Mitten

free mitten pattern featureThese double lined mittens are perfect for keeping fingers warm!  Sizes child to adult.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

Satin Flower Hair Clip (with video)

These hair clips are perfect for hats, hair, scarves and more.  They are the  final touch to an outfit.  They’re fun to make too!  Get the Free Pattern and video tutorial here.

Quick Sew Hobo (with video)

Adorable easy sew purse with pockets to keep trinkets and secrets in.  Ruffle fabric can be used in addition to fleece for added flair.  Comes in sizes child and adult.  Get the Free Pattern and tutorial here.

 No Sew Hobo (with video)

Yes it’s possible! You can make a cute purse without sewing a single stitch.  Comes in sizes child and adult.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.


Sleeping Bag Pack

It’s a sleeping bag that turns in to a back pack!  Perfect for sleep overs, day trips, and grandma’s house.  Back pack has pockets to stash pajama’s, toothbrush and more.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Drawstring Backpack Tutorial (with video)

Cute Drawstring backpack tutorial has a "sew along" style video series to walk you through it step by step! Love this! I know who I want to make this for.This cute drawstring backpack tutorial is sweet and simple to make!  My girls love taking them on trips.  Get the tutorial here.

Finger-less Gloves

fleece fun fingerless gloves featured” src=”×160.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”160″ />This pattern is easy, fast and adorable on little girls!  Also comes in an adult size.  Great scrap buster for leftover ruffle fabric.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Fast Fleece Tie for Boys

fast-fleece-tie-tutorialThis ties is a great fleece scrap buster, cute and washable!  Have your little man make a statement with this easy to make tie.  Get the tutorial here.


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  1. Hi, I want to make a fleece hat to go with my sons’ halloween costumes but I am not sure whether I need to use the baby or child pattern. Their head circumference is 19in.
    Thanks so much for helping me with this. I am turning them into minions from Despicable Me. I have the yellow shirts, black gloves and overalls. I plan to make simple yellow fleece hats and then attach black yarn or pipe cleaners for the hair. I am making the goggles from black play glasses with gray foam circles. I’m not much of a sewer but a fleece hat seems simple enough! Wish me luck! 🙂 -nicole

    • The Measurements are for the circumference of the head. So the measurement you would get if you too a measuring tape and wrapped in around a person’s head. Please not that fleece can have varying amounts of stretch to it.
      Small – 16 inches or 40.64
      Large – 17 inches or 43.18 cm

      Small – 17.5 inches or 44.45
      Large – 19 inches or 48.26 cm

      Small 20 inches or 50.8 cm
      Medium 22 inches or 55.88
      Large 24 inches or 60.96

  2. Hi! Two questions:
    1. I would love to make the fleece pants for me, an adult, would you ever consider uping the pattern size for adults?

    2. My child LOVES footie pajamas and I can’t find a simple pattern that I like. I love your patterns b/c they are so simple for me to follow plus you have those awesome video tutorials so I can rewind and play again and again 🙂 Would you ever consider a footie pajama pattern??

    Thanks for your wonderful patterns and guidance!

    • Hi Amy!
      So happy that you’re liking the website and patterns. Those are great ideas – but I have to honest drafting the pattern, perfecting it, filming it… takes a lot of time. So while I would love to do those patterns I can’t promise that they’ll be on the website anytime soon. 🙁
      In the mean time I hope you’ll enjoy what’s available!

  3. Hi Angel!
    You’re an angel for a beginner likes me. Thank you so much for your free patterns and easy to follow instructions. Now i’m so proud of myself to be able to sew pants and hats for my son 😉
    Do you plan to make a shirt (pajamas) that can go with the basic child pant pattern soon? I’m just thinking that if i can make a pajamas shirt for him, that would look very good because I still have a little bit fabric left from making a pant for him.
    I would be really happy and much appreciated if you can make one. Thank you again! You are very talented and video tutorials are really great. It’s easy to understand more than reading the instructions.

  4. Thank you so much! I love sewing and your patterns are simple and wonderful. I SO APPRECIATE YOU!!! My 3 year old and 9 month old are sporting some new fleece pants and hats. The neighbors are getting some hats next. 😀

  5. Your hat patterns are great! I just have one question, in one of the other posts you mentioned a child’s medium fitting a size 5T. I don’t see a hat pattern in a size medium. Am I missing something?
    Thank you!!!

  6. Angel,

    Thank you for your awesome tutorials. You were able to teach me how to read a pattern as well as make my Halloween costume last year. This year I have used your pattern for hats to make my sons minion costume complete.

    Thanks again.


  8. please can you tell me an on-line store who sells fleece to make all your projects, and ships worldwide or to Portugal, Europe.
    I love your projects,

  9. I’m desperate to find a rabbit pattern for BIng the rabbit off Cbeebies as my son loves him but the toys aren’t available yet, preferably sewing as my knitting is useless but can always rope soemone else in to knit one if that’s all that I can get! Please can anyone tell me if there is a pattern anywhere? Thank you

  10. Hi ths is really awesome. Thank u so much. I saw ur ribbon hat video. But I din understand how u made a whole to insert a ribbon please mention that clearly.

  11. Hi you have beautiful easy pattern instructions .
    Do you have an easy pattern for baby/kids fleecy jackets/pullovers?
    Thank you

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